Why did Revolution Parkour start Trials?

The Trials were created for students that are interested in moving up to the next class level and to push students to become better tracers by setting seasonal goals. They are designed to help students understand their progression and to highlight areas of weakness in order to improve personal training.


+ How are levels 1-10 set-up?

Level 1, the Green Trial, is designed specifically for Beginner II students who are questioning whether or not they should move up to Intermediate classes. By passing Level 1 we have signed off that you are ready to move to Intermediate classes. On the other side of the scale…Level 10 is the extent of human capability! That’s right. We have taken the world records for various techniques and have used those to form the Master anchor on the right side.

+ Why is there only Beginner Parkour I and Beginner Parkour II before Trials?

At the Beginner level there are so many techniques to learn that the focus should be on learning the beginning techniques and not on how far you jump or fast you are. We want our Intermediate and older students to deepen their skill while the Beginning students are still breaking the surface. Being a Beginner is about learning to know yourself without the added stress of Trials. Once you start to know yourself discovering your own weaknesses becomes fun instead of stressful.

+ I have been an Intermediate student for a while. Can I start at Level 2?

Yes, if you've completed the Intermediate Parkour I Class Passport then you can start at Trials level 2, the Blue Trial.

+ Can I do more than one level per day?

Yes, As long as you pass a level successfully, you may attempt the next level if it is offered that day.

+ Can I register for multiple levels ahead of time?

You may only register for the next level you will be attempting. You may register for a level immediately after successful completing of the level directly before it. For example, if you are a Level 2, you may register for the Level 3 Trial, but you may not register for Level 4 until you have completed Level 3.

+ What’s with the wristbands?

The wristbands serve not only as a marker of your achievement but also as a tool for Instructors to use during regular classes. The wristband gives them a heads up to the physical capabilities of the students in their classes, so that they can better tailor their instruction to each student and set up courses that are appropriate to students’ skill level. Wristbands can also help a student identify which other students might be able to help them if they have a question or need clarification on a technique.

+ How many attempts do I get for each challenge within a level?

Each challenge will have a different standard as far as how many attempts you are allowed. The instructor at each challenge will notify you of how many attempts you are allowed prior to starting the challenge.

+ If I don’t complete one of the 5 challenges within a level, do I stop right there?

No way! Even if you don’t complete a challenge within a level, we encourage you to attempt all 5 challenges within a level. One purpose of the trials is to help you understand what you need to work on, so make sure to attempt all the challenges, so you have an idea of exactly what you need to work on when you attempt the level again.