Start Your Own Class 

Want a class that we don’t currently offer? Wish we had a class at a different time? We welcome you to start your own class!


How it works:
1. Find 3-5 students who would be interested in joining you for your class idea.
2. Send us a request at
3. Let us know what kind of class interests you and what time(s) you’d like to see it happen. Provide the names of the other prospects who would like this class (new or existing students).

If the schedule works for our instructors, we’ll do an 8 week trial. We will require at least 6 students to sign up for the new class program for the 8-week duration (we’ll offer special pricing). If it is successful, we’ll adopt it into our regular class schedule so students can use memberships and class packs to join!

Class Ideas

Not sure what classes you’d want? Here’s a brief list of ideas! Of course, we can always consider other types of classes not listed below.

Parkour Classes (any skill level)
While we offer regular parkour classes ranging from Beginner I - Intermediate II, there’s other types of parkour classes we could offer. Classes such as:

  • Challenge Class

  • Time Trial

  • Adult Games and Navigation

  • Any currently offered classes in a new time slot

Fitness Classes
Parkour is a great way to get in shape and improve your mobility and endurance. We can adapt our movements into lower impact classes such as:

  • Parkour Preparation

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Mobility & Stretching

  • Endurance Bootcamps