Spring Camps

Tualatin, OR

We offer a variety of themed Spring camps each year. Students know that they are going to have a great time, meet new friends and share epic stories. Parents know that their kids are in a safe environment, that their kids are going to be engaged, and will also learn important movement basics, team building and decision making. See below for our our Spring Camp Schedule.

Member Prices
Early Registration*: $125
Regular Price: $165

Non-Member Prices
Early Registration*: $150
Regular Price: $195

*Early Registration ends 2 weeks before the camp start date.



Safe Camps

Our number one priority is safety of our students. Revolution Parkour sets the standard for indoor camps in Oregon. Many parkour gyms across the US look to us for best camp practices. Staff are First Aid, CPR and Basic First Aid certified.


Build Skills

Experience teaching parkour offers the best skill building curriculum woven deeply into camp stories. A variety of activities make every camp day unique and fun. The changing environment also allows the camper to make use of their newly learned skill.


Make New Friends

Many RVPK Campers return every year to meet new friends and relive adventures with old ones.  Our camps have stories and activities that make teamwork vital to complete the mission, survive, or master the art of parkour.

Have Fun

RVPK has a rich history of camps that are well documented, re-explored year after year to create new stories, plots, story continuations and the games we have! Our Book of Games is a massive volume of the most fun games in an obstacle dense environment. Excellent planning brings smiles all week!

Outstanding Staff

All parkour camp instructors have been certified to teach parkour through our extensive certification. The majority of our staff are hired from within our students (including the one in photo, going the extra mile.) They have grown up in our encouraging and non-competitive environment. Many of our students are now instructors and lead the way in maturity, fun and upholding RVPK values.

Stuntman Camp_MBO.jpg

Action Packed

There is about 15 minutes of down time at our camps. The rest of the time our camps are ACTION PACKED! We DO NOT offer day long camps where you do stuff for an hour and the rest of the time you're expected to entertain yourself. Not at our camps! Our camps have you taking action even when you're preparing to take down zombies or help Ezio chase down a messenger!

To register 2 or more students or for someone else not listed on your account, please use our Extended Schedule and click on the Camps Tabs up at the top.  

Drop-Ins: We may allow camp drop-ins depending on the type of camp and the availability. Please check with the front desk prior to dropping in for a day.

Refund Policy: All camps and workshops are refundable as an RVPK account credit up until two weeks prior to the start date.

Waiver: We require that all students submit a signed waiver to the Revolution Parkour front desk before attending any and all classes or events. Students that are under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.