Meet the Staff

Parkour with passion

Our staff share the passion of parkour. We aim to have fun while teaching useful skills to those willing to learn.

Jevin Dulak - OWNER, MANAGEr, & Head Instructor

Jevin first heard about parkour in 2006 after watching the youtube video Urban Ninja, he was immediately interested in learning how to train. It wasn’t until 2009 that he stumbled upon classes in Beaverton under the name Revolution Parkour. After his first lesson, he was hooked. While training, he pursued a degree in Business and graduated in 2011. Combining his business knowledge and experience with his passion for parkour sparked the idea to start a gym of his own. With movement being an important part of life, Jevin enjoys not only to push and challenge himself but also loves to challenge others to better themselves through training.


Josh Hanlon - Instructor

Josh first heard about parkour back in 2008 when a friend showed him an app about it.  They took what they saw and tried to copy the moves on the app the best they could.  It became one of his favorite hobbies to do aside from his self taught gymnastics.  He trained outside until a teacher from his highschool told him about Revolution Parkour in his senior year in 2013.  Training at the gym for about 2 years did he finally decide that he wanted to teach his passion to other enthusiastic traceurs.

Alex Cranmer - Instructor


Alex has always had an interest in parkour for as long as he can remember.  Though like many others, he had never actually practiced parkour.  It wasn't until early 2017 when he stumbled upon Revolution Parkour Tualatin through the Mindbody app that he finally decided to try it himself.  Instantly he knew this was something he needed more of in his life, and within a few months even began working at RVPK Tualatin.  While he was still relatively a beginner, he's been progressing fast with his dedication and is eager to learn more with aspirations of becoming an instructor himself.

Jake Hlad - Instructor


Jake began parkour in 2013 in Texas and has been practicing and loving it ever since, seeing it as a much more progressive method of exercising in a creative and self-fulfilling way. He stumbled upon parkour via YouTube and immediately started to try to figure it out outside at parks, as gym-access was unavailable. Jake ended up moving to the Portland-area in 2015 and found out about Revolution Parkour later that year, quickly becoming a regular at the Beaverton location, as it pushed his fears in a safe and controlled way and opened up new ways of looking at movement through the surrounding tightly-knit community. Jake started working at Revolution Parkour Tualatin in 2018 as an instructor and finds it incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.

Ian Hollingsworth - Instructor

Ian first heard of Parkour back in 2010, two years after moving from Washington. At the time he was training gymnastics and was interested in trying something new. He went to Revolution Parkour Beaverton location and never went back to gymnastics. After spending 6 years at the Beaverton gym, the Tualatin gym opened up. Being closer to his house, he went to his first PK Games class and never stopped. After growing with the community and attending classes for 3 years, he finally got an opportunity to be a part of the RVPK Tualatin team.