Of the 3 paths taken to move up to the next class this is perhaps the most difficult and the most rewarding. We expect our students to eventually know themselves so that they realize when they are ready to move to the next class. Knowing oneself takes time and this level of proprioception is rare in beginner students so we also offer the other paths: Trials and Passports.


A student who takes the know yourself path is self-motivated and does not need to wear a level band because they are extremely involved in their parkour community, their instructor knows exactly where they are at in their training because they train often and they need no reminder to be motivated because they live and breathe parkour.

Many students who take this path often find themselves training with great variety but are often in danger of missing something in their training. The recommendation for those who take this route is to find something that you aren't good at and master it often.

For safety, if you take this route you will need instructor permission to join the next class.