All students and visitors should familiarize themselves with the RVPK Tualatin gym rules. 

Spectator Guidelines

Parents and other spectators, please remain in the viewing area or lobby.


Student Guidelines

1. All students must have a waiver correctly filled out and on file to participate in the Revolution Parkour Tualatin gym.

2. All injuries (no matter how minor) should be reported to the instructor or front desk before leaving.


Gym Rules

1.  Red Line Rule
You may only go above a red line painted area if you can do a wall climb up the 9-foot wall by yourself.  Ask an instructor if you have not yet demonstrated this ability.

2. Hazard Tape Rule
Do not touch (includes hanging from, leaning against, or passing over) the hazard tape.  This will be strictly enforced.

3. Do NOT swing or lache from bars
until you’ve learned how to properly breakfall.  All Beginner level students must use mats when swinging on bars.  Breakfalls are taught in our classes and during private lessons.

4. No Flopping on Mats
You are not allowed to jump from any height onto a mat unless it is with a controlled landing (Range of Motion, Tap-Out, or Roll).  Do not “flop” by landing on your knees, elbows, or butt.

5. Respect
Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect your environment.

6. Display Proper Training Behavior
Do not engage in any behavior that is unsafe, destructive or hinders the training of other students.  This includes yelling in the gym or at other students who are performing moves.


Class, Open Gym, & Free Time Rules

1. Do not move any equipment unless asked by an instructor.

2. Students arriving early to class may wait in the viewing area, unless otherwise instructed.

3. Be aware of what others are doing around you.

4. No physical contact. This includes helping people up or over obstacles.

5. Mats are for landing on.  Do not run across or linger on the mats.

6. All personal belongings should be stored in the cubbies.

7. Please refrain from using profanity.

8. No food or drink on the gym floor.

9. Do not jump across a gap at the same time someone else is jumping.

10. Do not sit on equipment.

11. One person on the vaults and blocks at a time.


Open Gym Rules                                                                                                      

12. Open Gym is a time for training. The gym is not a playground.

13. The on-duty instructor is there to supervise NOT to teach.

14. Feel free to move equipment for your training purposes, but make sure that no one else is using it first.

15. No “Tag” or chasing.

16. Do not use the scaffolding or bars unless you have learned and can perform a level 3 breakfall. Breakfalls are taught in our classes and during private lessons.

17. If you are jumping from a height from which you have never jumped, or doing a lache or underbar in a new location, use an appropriate mat for landing.  When in doubt, always use a mat and ask an instructor which one you should use.



Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep the gym a great place for everyone to practice Parkour and Freerunning.

*All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the RVPK Tualatin instructors during class or open gym.