Adult Parkour

Ages 18 and up


Did you know that parkour is for everyone? While it’s seen as a young person extreme sport, it can instead be a personal journey of self improvement. Try us out. Improve yourself through movement and we’ll help you explore mobility, technique, strength building, and weight loss.

Parkour HIIT (Mondays @ 7pm):

This is a great starting class for adults. Parkour HIIT is a form of interval training with a focus on mobility, strength, flexibility, endurance, and practical movement. This class is designed to alternate between short periods of high-intensity movement with low-intensity recovery periods.

An inclusive class to meet your individual needs. Start where you are and build strength, balance, and coordination to live with more ease and less pain in your body.

Discover new possibilities for movement in your life in a safe, welcoming and playful space. This class is for ALL bodies: young, old, big, small, and uniquely challenged.

P.S. High-intensity does not mean jumping and hard landings. You can move with low impact AND high intensity and we'd love to show you how!

Start your own class:

We currently do not have any 18+ only classes. Instead, join us for any all ages class! Adults may start at any Beginner Parkour I or Beginner Parkour II classes.

Interested in an 18+ only class? You may start your own class (parkour, flips, strength, stretch, endurance, etc…) if you bring a group of 6 or more.

Have questions? Email us: